Wound and pressure ulcer treatment

We are not afraid to undertake treatment even in the most challenging cases, since many years of experience and a carefully selected team of specialists is the key to success in the fight against hard-to-heal wounds.
Aneta Zymon CEO

Depending on the type of wounds or pressure ulcers, we provide the following therapies:

Biological dressings – larval therapy

Normally, larval therapy (maggot therapy) lasts only two or three days, but there have been cases, where we needed five, six and – a record holder – eight days. Maggots can be administered repeatedly, depending on progress in healing.
At AZ MED Pain and Wound Treatment Centre, we have healed numerous wounds in many patients using this method.

Diabetic foot syndrome

At AZ MED Pain and Wound Treatment Centre, we save feet qualified by other physicians for amputation.
Patients should strictly follow the preventive and therapeutic recommendations and on no condition should they underestimate changes occurring in their feet.

Postoperative wound treatment

At AZ MED Pain and Wound Treatment Centre, we treat slow-to-heal wounds both in home settings and on an outpatient basis. We always tailor therapy to the individual needs and capabilities of the patient.

Pressure ulcer treatment

Pressure ulcer (decubitus, bed sore) is necrosis of the subcutaneous tissue, also often occurring in muscles and bones. It develops as a result of prolonged pressure and associated tissue hypoxia in sites where a bony prominence is in a direct contact with a hard surface – on buttocks, shoulder blades, tailbone, ankles, or heels.

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