Holistic treatment

In our clinic we treat patients suffering from chronic and acute pain in a holistic way, in other words, we take into account all health issues.
We specialize in treatment of slow-to-heal wounds and pressure ulcers both in home settings and on an outpatient basis. In particularly difficult cases, we successfully use biologically active dressings – larval therapy.
We are not afraid to take care of even the most challenging cases, as many years of experience and a right team of specialists is the key to success in the fight against hard-to-heal wounds.
We start treatment with recognizing as many health issues related to pain as possible, we eliminate incorrectly used drugs and their improper combinations, and we develop individual therapy for each patient.
We strive to improve the physical and psychological well-being of our patients and restore their social and professional activity through information and education.

We are constantly developing

We actively participate in conferences and symposia around the world to keep up with the latest pain and wound management methods and, most importantly, to help you.

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