Pain treatment

Pain has been with us since our birth and is a very important and necessary element of our lives. It allows us to see that something bad is happening in our body, so that we can react in time.
Unfortunately, it also happens that pain does not only act as the body’s alarm system, but lasts for months, even years, and becomes chronic. Then the pain becomes a disease in itself.

How to deal with pain?
Depending on the type and cause of pain, we use different methods of its elimination.
A pain medicine doctor can order pharmacological or minimally invasive treatments such as:
radiofrequency therapy, neurolysis, nerve blocks, acupuncture.
The psychological state of the patient is key in pain treatment, hence pain psychotherapy and relaxation techniques are also worth considering.


High-frequency current turns off fragments of pain-conducting nerves. Radiofrequency therapy can eliminate pain without permanent damage to the nerve tissue. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Minimally invasive procedures

We offer effective interdisciplinary treatment of pain regardless of its origin and cause. We use the latest and proven minimally invasive therapeutic methods, which are an alternative or a complement to pharmacotherapy. Our treatment is aimed at eliminating both somatic and psychological symptoms.

Orthokine therapy

Nonsurgical innovative Orthokine therapy is the most effective solution for many people suffering from chronic diseases of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons or bones.

Surgical procedures

We offer a wide range of minor surgical procedures performed by our specialists. Effectiveness and complete safety are guaranteed by our highly experienced and competent personnel, disposable equipment and a strict hygienic regime in our surgery room. The procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. All removed biological material is histopathologically examined to exclude possible undesirable lesions.

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