Orthokine therapy

Nonsurgical innovative Orthokine therapy is the most effective solution for many people suffering from chronic diseases of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, and bones.

The therapy fights local inflammation, relieves pain and reduces nerve damage. Its effectiveness has been confirmed in clinical trials.


It is a safe, natural and fully autologous method – the patient is injected with protective proteins, previously collected from their own blood. As a consequence, the receptors responsible for stimulating the disease are blocked. The therapy is applied to the affected area and inhibits the changes and eliminates pain. Moreover, it rebalances the system, and the inflammatory process and accompanying tissue destruction are significantly and even completely inhibited.

Indications for conducting Orthokine therapy:


  • degenerative diseases of joints and tendons
  • back (lower back) pain resulting from degenerative changes in the spine and intervertebral joints, or inflammation of the nerve roots
  • spine diseases
  • arthritis and bone inflammation
  • synovitis
  • arthritis and bone inflammation
  • synovitis
  • tendon degeneration
  • muscle pathologies
  • muscle and tendon injuries

Advantages of Orthokine therapy:


  • elimination or alleviation of pain
  • improvement of joint functions
  • reduction of cartilage wear
  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • bases on biological principles – using the body’s defensive mechanis
  • ease of use, high tolerance
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