Neuralgia of the pudendal nerve

Great suffering, difficult diagnosis…
The pudendal nerve neuralgia is a chronic pain in the area of genitals affecting both women and men.
Patients with this nagging condition undergo a series of tests (gynecological, urological, orthopedic, neurological or proctological) which show no abnormalities whatsoever.
In Poland, the disease is not often diagnosed due to the difficulty in its identification.
Very often, the sufferers are not understood and the lack of irregularities in test results and the feeling of embarrassment prevent them from getting proper and effective help.

Treatment of pudendal nerve neuralgia

The staff of AZ MED Pain and Wound Treatment Centre have extensive experience in treating this serious condition.
Dr Ewa Kobielska and Dr Anna Kłęczek treat this kind of neuralgia.
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