Minimally invasive procedures

We offer effective interdisciplinary treatment of pain regardless of its origin and cause. We use the latest and proven minimally invasive therapeutic methods, which are an alternative or a complement to pharmacotherapy. Our treatment is aimed at eliminating both somatic and psychological symptoms.

We provide comprehensive care, including psychological help.

We treat:

  • headaches
  • backaches
  • pain associated with degenerative changes in the spine
  • chest pains
  • pain associated with osteoarthritis in knee, ankle and sacroiliac joints, among others
  • myofascial pain
  • visceral pain
  • phantom pain
  • persistent post-traumatic pain
  • persistent postoperative pain
  • post-mastectomy and post-thoracotomy pain syndrome
  • chronic pain coexisting with chronic neurological diseases
  • pain, where common treatment is impossible or ineffective
  • central pain, post-stroke pain, pain resulting from multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • polyneuropathy, including diabetic and alcoholic
  • neuralgia (neuropathy), including postherpetic and occipital neuralgia
  • discopathy

We offer comprehensive pain management, using:


  • diagnostic and therapeutic blockades
  • percutaneous neuromodulation
  • acupuncture
  • botulinum toxin
  • pharmacotherapy
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