Medical services

We treat patients suffering from chronic and acute pain in a holistic way with consideration of all health issues.
We specialize in treatment of slow-to-heal wounds and pressure ulcers. We provide multifaceted assistance thanks to the involvement of highly experienced medical specialists: doctor of pain medicine, anaesthesiologist, intensive care specialist, plastic surgeon, orthopaedist, psychologist, and nurse, to mention a few.

Consultations with Specialists

At AZ MED Pain and Wound Treatment Centre you can consult with the following specialists:

  • doctor of pain medicine
  • anaesthesiologist
  • intensive care specialist
  • surgeon
  • orthopaedist
  • nurse
  • podiatrist
  • psychologist
  • We also offer multi-specialist consultations

    House calls

    AZ MED Pain and Wound Treatment Centre offers professional help in home settings to people suffering from various pains and undergoing postoperative treatment. The assistance is provided by doctors specialized in pain management and qualified nurses.

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