Thanks to the treatment that we implemented, Mr Zdzisław can walk normally, does not feel pain, and most importantly, he avoided amputation.

As a result of negligence in diabetic foot syndrome, Mr Zdzisław suffered damage to blood vessels and nerve fibres, resulting in a large, non-healing wound. Hospital treatment resulted in the amputation of three toes. Mr Zdzisław was in great pain, experienced a breakdown and saw no point in further treatment. Thanks to his wife, he came to AZ MED. We applied larval therapy, off-loading of the lower limb, surgical debridement of the wound with removal of some parts of metatarsal bones. Unfortunately, his toes could not be saved, but we managed to save his foot. The patient avoided amputation and we healed his wound. Now, Mr Zdzisław is able to perform normal daily-life activities, he can drive again, he is active and happy. ‘AZ MED has restored my normal life’, he said.

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