Thanks to the treatment that we implemented, Mrs Helena can walk normally, does not feel pain, and most importantly, she avoided amputation.

The wound on Helena’s big toe had been unsuccessfully treated for two and a half years. The wound had been treated only with locally applied dressings, without any reasonable causal action. The patient was at risk of amputation of the toe, and perhaps even the whole foot.
When Mrs Helena came to us, we referred her to a specialist in vein diseases – Professor Paweł Maga, because the wound had been caused by artery obstruction. After unblocking the arteries, we applied a biological dressing with larvae. The larvae cleansed 50% of the wound after the first dressing application, and the remaining 50% after the second application. Subsequently, the bone that had already been damaged became visible so we had to remove its parts.
After this procedure, granulation tissue grew beautifully on the toe and completely filled the wound.

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