Diabetic foot syndrome

Diabetic foot syndrome is one of the most serious complications of diabetes. Late diagnosis or poor treatment can quickly lead to physical disability and often to amputation. Over time, chronic high glucose levels can damage blood vessels and nerve fibres in the foot, which is a direct cause of the development of diabetic foot syndrome.

At AZ MED Pain and Wound Treatment Centre we save feet qualified by other physicians for amputation.

Patients should strictly follow the preventive and therapeutic recommendations and on no condition should they underestimate changes occurring in their feet.

Never delay seeking medical attention, thinking that your black toe will fix itself.

People with advanced changes in the development of diabetic foot syndrome are the ones we see most often.

Diabetic foot syndrome treatment

Management of diabetic foot syndrome includes a wide spectrum of activities. We analyze each case individually and implement appropriate treatment, which can include:

  • foot pressure relief (“off-loading”)
  • revascularization – opening the arteries
  • wound cleansing
  • larval therapy
  • infection treatment
  • podobarographic examination
  • insoles, shoe inserts, shoes.
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